Alternative options to the traditional Spay and Neuter: LOVE SPAYS

love spays

LOVE stands for Laparoscopic OVE (ovariectomy). This is a minimally invasive spay that removes the ovaries from healthy female dogs. With this technique, two key-hole incisions are needed to spay your dog. The ovarian ligaments are not torn from the body, but carefully cut and cauterized with virtually no bleeding or pain.

Therefore, there is less tissue trauma associated to it which means faster recovery and less pain associated to it (65% less pain than traditional spays as shown by studies done).

Temporarily Unavailable due to manufacturer back order. Please email info@cummingvetclinic.com to be placed on a waiting list and we will be in touch as soon as the product is available.Thank you!

ZEUTERIN – Non surgical neutering

Zeuterin is a non surgical way to fix male dogs. This revolutionary procedure is performed through an injection done at each testicle during sedation.


How many dogs have been fixed by using Zeuterin?

There has been several thousands of dogs already neutered using Zeuterin in the USA, and even more dogs has already been neutered abroad using this inject able neutering product. This procedure is only performed by certified trained veterinarians.

What is the difference between surgical neutering and this through-an-injection neutering?

Unlike surgical castration, dogs treated with zeuterin become sterile without removal of the testicles. The main difference is that testosterone, the male hormone, is not completely eliminated (production is preserved by 50%) and therefore it maintains its roles in body function and development. Testosterone levels affect everything in male dogs from the reproductive system and sexuality to muscle mass and bone density. It also plays a role in certain behaviors, skin and cardiovascular system. Some studies in large breed dogs have found that early neutering may double risks for joint disease and even certain cancers. Being an important hormone, a 50% production in these dogs may avoid or improve some of the side effects from its complete absence. Unfortunately, there is not scientific data yet about having some testosterone production vs. current levels in surgically castrated male dogs.

What to expect before, during and after the procedure?

Although there is not anesthesia involved, your dog should be fasted overnight as he will be sedated during the procedure. This is a mild sedation so that he stays calm during the injection. During injection, each testicle is injected based on the size of the testicle.

After injection, we like to keep the zeutered male dogs for few hours to make sure that they recover well from the procedure. Male dogs are tattooed so that anyone can recognizes that even if the testicles are still present, the patient has been castrated using this injectable technique. A tag and certificuate would be issued as well to indicate that your dog has now been fixed.

Testicular swelling is a normal reaction to the injection and an anti-inflammatory is prescribed for the next three days. Although an e-collar or cone is not needed because there is not surgery performed, it is still recommended so that the zeutered dogs do not lick or touch the testicles right after the procedure. A 7 days recheck appointment, included with the original procedure cost, is then schedule so that the area is assessed for healing.

As with castration or a vasectomy, you should keep your dog away from females in heat for at least 60 days after the injection.

What is the cost of this type of procedure?

The cost of the procedures varies depending on how many dogs are sterilized. This is because the fix cost of the product. Therefore, we try to schedule this as a once a month procedure. In any case, we can perform this type of service at any time based on your pet's needs.